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Covid pandemic report
Help and description
  1. Compare multiple countries.
  2. Choose absolute or normalised comparison
    Absolute: the total number of cases. Shows how much pressure could burden the healthcare system.
    Normalised: cases fallen to 100.000 of the population. Helps to compare countries as larger countries tend to have higher absolute case numbers.
  3. Zoom to time of your interest using the control buttons
  4. Fatality shows how deadly the virus is. The death from infections. It changes over time as the virus changes or healthcare improves.
    Select different wave with the box select tool (default) to see certain timeperiods. The best way to use the 'Dealy death' graph.
    Before add new countries use Reset or ESC to remove selection.
Every analysis is just as good as the data is reliable. Bear in mind that due to lack of testing capacity, political ambitions and/or ignorance, the real extent of the pandemic can only be estimated.
Black lines: 7-day rolling average. Trendline
First year report available for download in PDF
Code & design: Peter Simsa, github
Data source: John Hopkins free datashare
Update: 8am GMT

Normanilazation: the actual counted cases divided by the population/100.000. It gives a better comparison between countries. Imagine you see a country having only 100 cases. That looks impressive but if you know that this country only has 150 citizen, this gives a different opinion, doesn't it?